Our competitively priced options for leaflet distribution start at just £50+VAT so there’s no need to hesitate about the cost of growing your business and reaching new customers. See our options below to find out which one will suit you best.

Help is at hand from One Leaflet

How Much will a Leaflet Drop Cost?

With leaflet distribution from just £50 + VAT per thousand leaflets we’re certainly competitively priced. We’re significantly cheaper than Royal Mail and offer more extensive targeting too! See our tiered pricing structure below to see how you can reach homes locally with a leaflet drop from as little as 0.050p per household.

All prices exclusive of VAT. Other leaflet sizes – POA
Price per 1,000Standard size leaflets (A5, A6, A4 folded)Large leafletsSolus (Subject to availability)
3,000 - 5,000£65POAPOA
5,000 - 30,000£59POAPOA
30,000 - 60,000£55POAPOA
60,000 - 80,000£52POAPOA

Collection Charge – £30
A5 & A6 Single-Sided Design – £55
A5 & A6 Double-Sided Design – £75
Bespoke leaflet size design and distribution – £POA

“I have used One Leaflet for leaflet distribution several times now and always found it to be a great way to reach new customers. I would recommend their targeted distribution to anyone looking to grow their business.”
Simon Santucci Decorators

Package deals – design, print & distribution

Taking care of your design, printing and distribution, it provides great value and excellent service all bundled into one. We work with you every step of the way from your initial idea to the day that your leaflet campaign gets posted through the door, helping you to save time and money and get great results!

Which areas can I choose and how much will it cost?

Target your leaflet campaign down to street level and have your leaflets seen by homeowners across Devon in the areas you choose. No need to compromise on large amounts of unwanted areas – simply cherry pick specific areas of towns, villages and postcodes, or increase your reach by taking them in their entirety. Use our handy leaflet calculator to choose from up to 120,000 homes across Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and South Devon:
Leaflet calculator

Why choose One Leaflet?

Reliable Service

One Leaflet have been successfully delivering leaflets across Exeter and large parts of Devon for over 10 years. We will ensure your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

GPS Tracked Delivery

All distributors complete their deliveries using our bespoke GPS tracking app to provide ultimate peace of mind that your leaflets are getting to the homes you’ve chosen.


Our detailed distribution system allows you to target your leaflet campaign down to town, postcode or even street level based on your requirements.


With distribution from just £50 + VAT per thousand leaflets, our fantastic rates offer great value to ensure you get the best response for your money.

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