Targeted leaflet distribution

Your leaflets – your choice. You choose the Devon homes where your business will land through the letterbox.

From £50 + VAT (per thousand leaflets)

What better way to promote your business than by reaching decisionmakers at home, in areas YOU choose, so you can reach homeowners where they’re relaxed, ready to engage and are in a position to take action?

Our targeted leaflet delivery service is GPS tracked to ensure your message reaches Devon residents at home – it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of promoting your business thanks to the great results it achieves.

Maximum Choice – Minimum Hassle

Our huge 120,000 Devon home coverage across Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and Newton Abbot provides a massive choice of areas for you to spread your message. It’s made entirely possible by our own independent network of local people who are eager and willing to deliver your leaflets alongside our hugely popular community magazine – One Magazine.

All our leaflet delivery people are GPS tracked as standard, undergoing a full induction and training when they come on board and provided with full, ongoing support from our in-house distribution team.

Selection Made Simple

We’ve made it easy to give you maximum choice on where you want your leaflets to go.

Choose from whole towns, villages, or Exeter council defined wards in their entirety, or make use of our options to select delivery via Royal Mail postcode sectors.

Want to be more specific? Choose exact streets you want to cover for the most bespoke distribution service that is tailored completely to your requirements.

Our comprehensive distribution management system helps you avoid large amounts of wastage that occur from more broad leaflet distribution approaches offered by other businesses, and instead allows you to focus on reaching the exact areas you choose while saving money too.

One-Off Leaflet Drop

Whether you’re testing the waters or going for maximum market penetration for an annual event, we can happily accommodate one-off leaflet delivery drops across our entire area of coverage. While there’s plenty of success to be had with one-off drops, we would always recommend repetition to increase brand recognition, further engagement and remind people to take action.

Regular Leaflet Campaigns

Many of our leaflet delivery clients opt for repeat leaflet distribution runs as part of their leaflet campaigns. These are often block booked and can involve targeting multiple areas and circling back round to cover them again in a few months’ time, or simply repeat your leaflet in the same area month after month and take advantage of our best rates of leaflet delivery and the best representation of your business.

Here to Help

Talk to our friendly team today to see how we can help create a leaflet campaign that’s the right fit for you and your business. We’ve been delivering leaflets for over 15 years across Exeter and Devon, so we know the ins and outs and have plenty of examples to help you make the right decisions.

Talk to us today on the phone on 01395 233247

Or get a quick and easy delivery quote via our handy leaflet calculator.

Which areas can I choose and how much will it cost?

Target your leaflet campaign down to street level and have your leaflets seen by homeowners across Devon in the areas you choose. No need to compromise on large amounts of unwanted areas – simply cherry pick specific areas of towns, villages and postcodes, or increase your reach by taking them in their entirety. Use our handy leaflet calculator to choose from up to 120,000 homes across Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and South Devon:
Leaflet calculator

Why choose One Leaflet?

Reliable Service

One Leaflet have been successfully delivering leaflets across Exeter and large parts of Devon for over 10 years. We will ensure your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

GPS Tracked Delivery

All distributors complete their deliveries using our bespoke GPS tracking app to provide ultimate peace of mind that your leaflets are getting to the homes you’ve chosen.


Our detailed distribution system allows you to target your leaflet campaign down to town, postcode or even street level based on your requirements.


With distribution from just £50 + VAT per thousand leaflets, our fantastic rates offer great value to ensure you get the best response for your money.

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