“I have used One Leaflet for leaflet distribution several times now and always found it to be a great way to reach new customers. I would recommend their targeted distribution to anyone looking to grow their business.”
Simon Santucci Decorators

Why choose us for leaflet distribution

With over 250 distributors reaching over 120,000 properties in the Exeter, East Devon, South Devon and Mid Devon area we can get your leaflets direct to the door of houses in the areas you need them to be seen.

GPS tracked delivery

All of our distributors complete their deliveries using our bespoke tracking app to give you absolute peace of mind in knowing your leaflets have been delivered.


Our detailed distribution system allows you to target your leaflet campaign down to town, postcode or even street level based on your requirements, AT NO EXTRA COST!

Fantastic rates per thousand

With distribution from just £50 + VAT per thousand leaflets, our fantastic rates offer great value to ensure you get the best response for your money.

Reliable service

One Leaflet have been successfully delivering leaflets across Exeter and the wider Devon area for over 15 years, so know what it takes from start to finish.

Join our team of distributors and get paid to exercise!

When the first lockdown was announced back in March 2020 One Media was the largest provider of jobs for teenagers in Devon.

It was gut wrenching to have to close this side of our business and move our distribution over to the Royal Mail, but at the time this was the only way we could ensure the magazines were delivered.

In September 2022 we brought the distribution back in house and started hiring our own distributors again. In this way we can make a real difference to our local communities and put some money back where it’s needed more than ever.

Clients we work with

GPS tracked delivery

One Leaflet have been successfully delivering your leaflets across Exeter and large parts of Devon for over 15 years, and with our GPS tracked delivery network, you’ll be left feeling confident that all of your leaflets are being delivered on time and in the areas you require.

Competitive cost per thousand

With a straightforward cost from £50 + VAT per 1,000 leaflets delivered, and guidance from our dedicated team, we will ensure your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish. We can even provide design, print and distribution leaflet packages that keep everything under one roof, making life that bit easier for you.

Targeted leaflet distribution

Target your leaflet drop down to street level or by postcode sector to choose the exact areas you want to reach, AT NO EXTRA COST! Easily cherry pick areas and districts that most benefit your business to get maximum value for money. Utilise our 15 years of experience and knowledge of the area to help you maximise your impact.

How can we really make a difference to your business?

Get your message out

As a friendly, reliable Devon based company with over 15 years of experience we are able to offer fantastic tried and tested methods of leaflet distribution that lead to a great response.

Your leaflets – your choice

With 250 distributors reaching over 120,000 properties in the Exeter, East Devon, South Devon and Mid Devon area we can get your leaflets to the specific areas you need them to be in, AT NO EXTRA COST!

Design, Print & Delivery

We provide a complete print campaign marketing service which means that we can handle any aspect of your direct marketing from design, printing and distribution of any leaflets.

Large and small

We work with a wide variety of clients and so we can help businesses large and small reach the households and businesses that they need to reach in order to grow.

Which areas can I choose and how much will it cost?

Target your leaflet campaign down to street level and have your leaflets seen by homeowners across Devon in the areas you choose. No need to compromise on large amounts of unwanted areas – simply cherry pick specific areas of towns, villages and postcodes, or increase your reach by taking them in their entirety. Use our handy leaflet calculator to choose from up to 120,000 homes across Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and South Devon:
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