Masterclean are one of Exeter’s leading specialists in carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning. As a business, they measure their enquiries and responses to marketing meticulously and have over the years realised their best return comes from leaflet distribution. Naturally, with this in mind, they want to ensure they use the best value service for leaflet distribution available to maximise this further.

We have worked with Masterclean for many years to ensure a consistent, reliable distribution occurs, working regularly with the owner to plan a detailed schedule of delivery in advance.

We take delivery of leaflets in bulk and store them in our warehouse. This means we’re always ready with leaflets ready to go out to the areas booked, bringing happy new customers their way.

April 2023
  • A5 Single-Sided Leaflets Distributed Monthly
  • 115gsm – Full Colour
  • Targeted leaflet distribution across East Devon, Exeter and Exmouth

Clients we work with

Which areas can I choose and how much will it cost?

Target your leaflet campaign down to street level and have your leaflets seen by homeowners across Devon in the areas you choose. No need to compromise on large amounts of unwanted areas – simply cherry pick specific areas of towns, villages and postcodes, or increase your reach by taking them in their entirety. Use our handy leaflet calculator to choose from up to 120,000 homes across Exeter, East Devon, Mid Devon and South Devon:

Leaflet calculator

Why choose One Leaflet?

Reliable Service

One Leaflet have been successfully delivering leaflets across Exeter and large parts of Devon for over 10 years. We will ensure your campaign runs smoothly from start to finish.

GPS Tracked Delivery

All distributors complete their deliveries using our bespoke GPS tracking app to provide ultimate peace of mind that your leaflets are getting to the homes you’ve chosen.


Our detailed distribution system allows you to target your leaflet campaign down to town, postcode or even street level based on your requirements.


With distribution from just £50 + VAT per thousand leaflets, our fantastic rates offer great value to ensure you get the best response for your money.

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